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January:    Saturday 21st, 11:30am: Monthly Meeting, Country Club, Culpeper

February:  No Chapter Meeting

                 Wednesday 22nd, 11:00am: Washington's Birthday Commemoration, Culpeper.

                 24th - 26th: VASSAR Annual Meeting, Richmond, VA

                 Muster Call

March:     Saturday 3rd: History Day, District V, Alexandria, VA

                Friday 16th: 1:30pm - Madison's Birthday Anniversary, Montpelier

                Saturday 17th 11:00am: Battle of Guilford Courthouse, Greensboro, NC

                Thursday 22nd  History Day, District IV, JMU, Harrisonburg, VA

                Saturday 24th 11:30am: Monthly Chapter Meeting, McMahon's, Warrenton, VA

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April:        Friday 13th 10:00am Anniversary of Jefferson's birth at Monticello

                 Saturday 14th 11:30am: Joint Chapter Lunch at Graves’ Mountain Lodge, Syria, VA

                  13, 14, 15th Culpeper Remembrance Days

                 Saturday, 28th 11:00am: James Monroe Birthday, Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond

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May:         Saturday 19th 11:30: Monthly CMM Chapter Meeting at TBA.

                 Monday 28th 11:00am  Memorial Day Ceremony at Culpeper National Cemetery.

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June:          16th 10:00am: Memorial Ceremony for Original Culpeper Minute Men, Obelisk

                  16th 11:30 Monthly CMM Chapter Meeting, Country Club, Culpeper

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July:           Wednesday 4th: 11:00am: Independence Day Activities & Parade, Culpeper

                  14th 11:00am Annual CMM Picnic: location TBA

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August:        11:30am: CMM Chapter Meeting at TBD.

                   Muster Call

September:  No Chapter Meeting

                    VASSAR Semi-Annual Meeting Charlottesville, VA

                    Tuesday 11th  8:45am - 12:30pm: 9/11 Bugles Across America 9/11 Salute

                    Monday 17th 12:00pm Constitution Day, Montpelier

                    Saturday 29th 10:00am Warrenton-Fauquier Heritage Day Parade, Warrenton

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October:      5th - 7th Battle Days, Point Pleasant, WV

                   5th - 7th Kings Mountain Commemoration

                   20th: 11:30 Annual CMM Community Awards Meeting at TBA

                   Friday 19th: Yorktown Day

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November:   11th: Veteran's Day Observance, Culpeper National Cemetery

                    Virginia State Service, Washington Memorial Chapel, Valley Forge

                    17th: 11:30am Annual CMM Chapter Awards Meeting at TBD

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December:    No Chapter Meeting in December

                    Saturday, 1st: Battle of Great Bridge, Chesapeake, VA

                    Joint Christmas Banquet with DAR

                    15th: 12 noon: Wreaths Across America, Culpeper National Cemetery

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