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2001 Activities

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December 12, 2001: December Chapter Meeting.

PHOTO AT LEFT: Fire Safety Award Presented The Culpeper Minute Men SAR Chapter awarded on December 12, 2001, the Fire Safety Medal, Bar & Certificate to Volunteer Fireman, Gary F. Jones of the Rapidan Fire department for his outstanding performance for the last 21 years. The photograph shows him with his award and wearing the medal. He is flanked by SAR Chapter Publicity Chairman, Jerry Hubbard (L) and Chapter Awards Chairman, Jim Bayne.

PHOTO RIGHT: Librarian Award: officers of the Culpeper Minute Men SAR Chapter awarded on Dec 12 2001, Madison County Librarian, Bonnie Good Utz, with the SAR Outstanding Citizen Award for her demonstrated outstanding performance as librarian. The photograph, taken during the awarding ceremony, shows her with the certificate flanked by Publicity Chairman Jerry Hubbard (L) and Awards Chairman Jim Bayne of the SAR chapter.

December 7, 2001: The Culpeper Minute Men SAR Chapter hosted the annual Christmas banquet, held at the Culpeper Country Club on December 7th 2001, for members and guests of the SAR chapter and the Fauquier Court House and Culpeper Minute Men N.S.D.A.R Chapters. The attendance totaled 43 to include members of several other DAR and SAR Chapters and their guests. The guest speaker gave a presentation about the life of George Mason since it was the 210th anniversary of the adoption of the US Bill of Rights and since December 11th was his birthday. In addition, a remembrance about the attack on Pearl Harbor was presented as it was the 60th anniversary of this tragic event. Christmas carols were sung to end this annual banquet, which has been jointly DAR/SAR sponsored now for about 20 years.

PHOTO ABOVE shows the members at the head table: (L/R) Compatriot George Bryson, Jr. and his wife Patricia, the Regent of the Culpeper Minute Men DAR Chapter; Angelica Sudduth (Mrs. William Sudduth, Jr), Regent of the Fauquier Court House DAR Chapter and her husband Compatriot William Sudduth; President Mike Lyman of the Culpeper Minute Men SAR Chapter at the podium; Guest Speaker, Attorney Thomas Moncure, Jr. and Marty Lyman, wife of Mike Lyman. PHOTO AT LEFT: Thomas Moncure Speaks. The photograph shows Attorney Thomas M. Moncure Jr. presenting information on the life of George Mason to the attendees at the joint SAR/DAR Christmas banquet which was sponsored by the Culpeper Minute Men Chapter on December 7th 2001.

November 17, 2001: CHAPTER AWARDS CEREMONY. The Culpeper Minute Men Chapter held its annual awards ceremony in Warrenton, VA on November 17 2001, which was attended by 34 members. We presented several awards to include two Law Enforcement Commendation Medals, Bars and Certificates; a Fire Safety Medal, Bar and Certificate; a Flag Certificate; a Bronze Good Citizenship Medal and Certificate to a student and a teacher; and an Outstanding Citizen Award to a lady who assisted an officer in making an arrest on a highway at night. In addition, we gave a Martha Washington Medal and Certificate and an SAR Medal of Appreciation to NSDAR wives of our members. Five of our Compatriots received the SAR Meritorious Service Medals and Certificates and two received the War Service Medals, Clasps and Certificates. The photographs that follow show some of the presentions.

PHOTO AT LEFT: The Culpeper Minute Men SAR Chapter at their annual awards ceremony in Warrenton, VA on November 17, 2001 presented the SAR War Service Medal & Certificate to Compatriot David Wilcox and the clasps for the medal to Compatriot Richard C. Schnorf. The photo shows Chapter Vice President and Awards Chairman, James Bayne presenting the Vietnam clasp for the medal to Compatriot Schnorf. Compatriot Wilcox was not able to be present for the ceremony.

PHOTO AT RIGHT: The Culpeper Minute Men SAR Chapter, at their annual awards ceremony held in Warrenton, VA on November 17, 2001 presented the Meritorious Service Medal & Certificate to five of it's members. which are: Compatriots Frank R. White III, James M. Bayne, William E. Sudduth, Jr., Richard C. Schnorf, and Dwight D. Lyman. The photo shows three members and their wives who were able to attend the ceremony receiving their awards. From the left is Mrs. & Compatriot Schnorf, Mrs. And Compatriot James Bayne and Compatriot and Mrs. William E. Sudduth Jr. with their awards.

PHOTO AT LEFT: The Culpeper Minute Men Chapter, SAR, at their annual awards ceremony at Warrenton, VA on November 17, 2001, presented the Bronze Good Citizenship Medal & Certificate to Christina Wynkoop, a senior at the Culpeper High School. A citation outlining her academic achievements and activities in the ROTC program and as a volunteer rescue worker was read by Chapter Vice President James Bayne. The photo shows Compatriot Bayne after presenting the award. Accepting it for their daughter, were her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Wynkoop, as their daughter was unable to attend the ceremony.

PHOTO AT RIGHT: The Culpeper Minute Men SAR Chapter at their annual Awards Ceremony on November 17, 2001 presented the Outstanding Citizen Award to Rebecca Carter of Warrenton, VA. She stopped on the highway to assist a sheriff's Deputy in finding and arresting a man who was beating a woman. She also assisted the victim during the occasion.. In the photo on the left is Chapter Vice President and Awards Chairman, James Bayne, who presented the certificate; and in the center is Rebecca Carter holding her certificate accompanied by her mother, Mrs. Carter; and on the right is the Sheriff of Warrenton, Joseph Higgs, Jr. who related how Miss Carter assisted Deputy Hitt in the arrest.

PHOTO AT LEFT: At their annual Awards Ceremony, on November 17, 2001 at Warrenton, VA the Culpeper Minute Men Chapter SAR awarded the Bronze Good Citizenship Medal & Certificate as a Chapter "Teacher of the Year" award to Mrs. Kathleen Holter, a teacher at the Culpeper Middle school. The photo shows on the left Chapter Vice President and Awards Chairman, James Bayne who made the presentation and Mrs Holter, holding the awarded certificate with her husband Mr. Holter.

PHOTO AT RIGHT: The Culpeper Minute Men SAR Chapter at its annual Awards Ceremony held at Warrenton, VA on November 17, 2001 presented the SAR Medal & Certificate of Appreciation to Marty Lyman, Vice Regent, Washington Lewis Chapter, N.S.D.A.R. and wife of President Mike Lyman. The photo shows Chapter Vice President and Awards Chairman, James Bayne and Mrs. Lyman with the Medal and Certificate.

PHOTO AT LEFT: The Culpeper Minute Men SAR Chapter awarded the Martha Washington Medal and Certificate to Mrs. Peggy Swift of the Fauquier Court House Chapter, N.S.D.A.R.,for her assistance in procuring new members for the SAR Chapter. The photograph shows Chapter Vice President and Awards chairman, James Bayne with Mrs. Swift holding the certificate and with her husband, Compatriot Lee Swift looking on.

PHOTO AT RIGHT: The Culpeper Minute Men SAR Chapter awarded a Fire Safety Medal, Bar and Certificate to Christina Wyncoop at its awards ceremony held in Warrenton, VA on November 17, 2001. She was not able to come due to another commitment so her parents came to accept the award in her behalf. The attached photo shows on the left Vice President and Awards Chairman James Bayne who presented the award to the parents with the award and the picture of their daughter.

PHOTO AT LEFT: The second SAR Law Enforcement Medal, Bar & Certificate was presented to Officer Kevin Tooley of the Culpeper Police Department. The attached photo shows Chapter Vice President & Awards Chairman James Bayne on the left; next Officer Tooley with the Award and Medal; his fiancée who pinned on his medal and the Culpeper Chief of Police, Daniel V. Boling who described why the officer was so outstanding.

PHOTO AT RIGHT: Compatriot Dwight D. Lyman receives the SAR Meritorious Service Medal and Certificate for his work in establishing and maintaining the chapter's web site. The photo shows his wife Laura pinning on the medal. President Mike Lyman, his father, who presented it is on the right.

PHOTO AT LEFT: The Culpeper Minute Men Chapter at its annual awards ceremony held in Warrenton, VA on November 17 2001 awarded two officers with the SAR Law Enforcement Commendation Medal, Bar & Certificate. The attached photo shows Deputy First Class Harry F. (Billy) Hitt of the Fauquier County Sheriff's Department receiving his award. On the left is Chapter Vice President and Awards Chairman, James Bayne who presented the award; Deputy Hitt, with the awarded certificate and his wife pinning on his bar and medal; and on the right is Warrenton's Sheriff Joseph Higgs Jr. who recited why Deputy Hitt was deserving of the award and told about a special situation in which the Deputy was involved and acted especially well resulting in an arrest.

October 19, 2001: YORKTOWN CEREMONY. At the 220th Anniversary of the Victory at Yorktown celebration conducted October 19, 2001, the Culpeper Minute Men SAR Chapter laid a wreath along with other NSDAR and SAR societies at the grave of Governor Thomas Nelson, Jr. located at the Grace Episcopal Church at Yorktown, VA.

PHOTO AT RIGHT: The Culpeper Minute Men Chapter participated in the 2001 Yorktown Day Celebration on October 19 2001, by laying a wreath at the grave of Thomas Nelson, Jr. in the Grace Episcopal Church cemetery. Thomas Nelson was also a signer of the Declaration of Independence. The photograph shows Chapter Vice President, James Bayne dressed in Culpeper Minute Men attire standing behind the chapter wreath that was laid during the ceremony for the Chapter.

October 5 - 7, 2001: BATTLE OF POINT PLEASANT CEREMONY. We sponsored Virginia's contingent to the Battle of Point Pleasant Commemoration in West Virginia in the annual Battle Days activities.

PHOTO AT LEFT: President General Larry D McClanahan presents the NSSAR wreath at the Memorial Service at Point Pleasant, WV October 7 2001. Behind him is Compatriot James Bayne, Vice President Culpeper Minute Men Chapter carrying the CMM Chapter flag. The President General is a dual member of the CMM Chapter. He descends from Captain William McClanahan of the original Culpeper Minute Men Battalion.

PHOTO AT LEFT: Vice President Jim Bayne dressed as a Culpeper Minute Man soldier holds the Chapter flag at the Tu-Endie-Wei Park at Point Pleasant at the memorial service held there on October 7th. Behind him is the memorial honoring the men that fought there, may of whom were Virginia soldiers.

PHOTO AT RIGHT: Historical marker describing battle at Point Pleasant.

PHOTO LOWER RIGHT: This plaque on the monument at Point Pleasant indicates the men killed. One listed is Colonel John Field of the Culpeper Minute Men. He is buried in the magazine where the wreaths were laid in Tu-Endie-Wei Park. This indicates that the Culpeper militia were called Minute Men before the battle there in October 1774. This information will to be added to our Culpeper Battalion History on our web site and in our scrapbook.

September 23, 2001: Members of the Culpeper chapter presented a VASSAR wreath at a combined SAR/DAR ceremony at Saratoga. Some of the members of the Culpeper Minute Men Battalion, after it was dissolved in early 1776, joined Colonel Daniel Morgan’s Virginia Rifle Regiment. This unit was later in both battles at Stillwater, NY in Sep & Oct 1777. They played a significant role in defeating the British and German forces. Following these two battles, Morgan’s unit surrounded Gen Burgoyne’s Army at the town of Saratoga on the western side and was present at Burgoyne’s surrender of his Army a few days later. It was the turning point of the War for our cause. On the road between Saratoga (now called Schuylerville) and Stillwater there is a NY State Historical road sign indicating where the Virginia troops under Colonel Morgan ambushed Burgoyne’s forces as he approached Stillwater.

PHOTO UPPER LEFT : Some of the NSDAR Ladies attending the Saratoga Ceremony. The VSDAR wreath laid by Marty Lyman is on left. She is first lady on left.

PHOTO UPPER RIGHT shows Mike and Marty Lyman taking part in the Saratoga ceremony.

PHOTO AT RIGHT: Mrs. Butler Attends Saratoga Ceremony. She is the 5th from the left.

PHOTO ON LEFT: Saratoga Ceremony Sept 23. The second wreath from the left is VASSAR's Individual to right of monument is holding a bald eagle.

August 31 - September 1, 2001: VASSAR SEMI-ANNUAL MEETING. The Culpeper Minute Chapter attended and supported the Virginia Society SAR semi-annual meeting on August 31-September 1 2001 at Orange, VA. The Culpeper Minute Men Chapter President Mike Lyman, was presented a NSSAR award that had previously been presented to VASSAR President Dick Austin at the 111th Congress, Louisville, KY on June 30-July 4, 2001. The chapter was awarded honorable mention in the Carl F. Bessent Award for the most outstanding single sheet newsletter 2000-2001. The second day's activities were conducted in the Education Center at James Madison's home "Montpelier" The attendees and the guests toured the home and cemetery as part of the conference.
PHOTO ABOVE LEFT shows the front view of "Montpelier".

July 14, 2001: CHAPTER PICNIC. At the Culpeper Minute Men SAR picnic held at Mountain Run Lake Park near Culpeper Virginia on July 14th 2001, the "Light Horse Harry" Lee Chapter, Virginia Society, Children of the American Revolution (VSCAR) put on a flag retirement ceremony for the SAR members and their families. The SAR supports and provides leadership to children of the CAR in their efforts to learn about the formation of our country and patriotism. In the ceremony conducted, they demonstrated their knowledge about the American flag and the original 13 states of the Union.
PHOTO AT RIGHT: Two USDAR seniors teach a CAR youth how to separate the field of blue with its stars from the 13 stripes on a worn out flag. Each stripe is then cut off for burning. Left to right in the photo is CAR member Elyse Hawley watching Senior Society President Mrs. BJ (Bobbie Jean W.) Simpson, wife of Culpeper Minute Men dual member, William Simpson, cut off the field of blue. BJ is a VSDAR member and is the Office Manager for VASSAR. On the left is senior Mrs. Bonnie Hawley, an honorary chapter Regent of the Lanes Mill Chapter, NSDAR who will assist in cutting off the stripes, for Elyse to carry.
PHOTO ABOVE LEFT: The CAR member carries the cut off stripes and then the field of blue, one at a time, to another CAR member who does the burning. While the burning is being done, another CAR member recites what state the stripe represents, when it entered the union, and who were the state representatives that signed the Declaration of Independence Shown is "Light Horse Harry" Lee Chapter President, Paul Patane, burning one of the US flag's stripes that has been brought to him by another CAR member. While the stripe is being burned another CAR member and former Chapter President, Heather Simpson, does the recitation. A new member to the Culpeper Minute Men SAR Chapter is Larry Alexander who has taken over the new job as Registrar. The photo shows his wife, Beverly, pinning the SAR Rosette on her husband Larry at the picnic.
PHOTOS BELOW: On July 14 2001 the Culpeper Minute Men Chapter conducted their annual picnic at Mountain Run Lake Park near Culpeper, Virginia. The photos show some of the attendees.


July 4, 2001: Nine Chapter members and their wives attended the 4th of July celebration at the Culpeper, VA Court House.
PHOTO ABOVE: 4th of July ceremonies at the Culpeper Court House.
PHOTO AT LEFT: Taken after the ceremony shows the Chapter attendees, except for Shirley Hubbard who took the photo. Left to Right: Chapter President Mike Lyman and his wife Marty;
Eleanor Wilcox; Compatriot Jerry Hubbard, Publicity Chairman; Compatriot Dave Wilcox, Boy Scout Chairman; Chapter Vice President Jim Bayne; and former charter member and Chapter President Claude Guinn and his wife Mary Frances sitting in front.
PHOTO AT RIGHT: Chapter Vice President Jim Bayne handmade a Culpeper Minute Men Battalion uniform for use in the ceremony. The photo shows him after the celebration with his hat, powder horn, musket and two pistols. Behind his folded arms is the inscription on his shirt "Liberty or Death".

June 16, 2001: WREATH LAYING. Our Chapter laid a wreath made by Compatriot Claude Guinn, at the NSDAR obelisk in Culpeper, VA. This monument was first unveiled in October 1933 by the Culpeper Minute Men NSDAR Chapter to honor the officers and men of the original battalion that formed near Culpeper in 1775. During our ceremony we continued the annual practice, commenced in 1999 by President Rick Schnorf, of reciting information about ten soldiers of the Battalion. Nine of our members turned out for this event plus several guests. For the wreath laying, Compatriot Jim Bayne procured/made a Culpeper Minute Men Battalion uniform. He also purchased for the chapter's use at ceremonies the Battalion's coiled snake "Don't Tread on Me" flag. He wore with this uniform, two pistols and a musket, powder horn, a wig and a specially made hat. On the breast of the jacket are inscribed the words "Liberty or death" such as the Battalion soldiers reportedly wore. Great show Jim!
PHOTO AT RIGHT: Compatriot Jim Bayne (center) in his Culpeper Minute Men Battalion uniform. On the left is Compatriot Jerry Hubbard and on the right Compatriot Mike Lyman.
PHOTO ABOVE CENTER: Shown after the ceremony surrounding the obelisk are left to right Compatriots: Charles Carl holding US Flag, James Bayne dressed and armed as a Battalion soldier, William Simpson, David Wilcox, Larry Alexander, Jerry Hubbard holding Chapter flag, Claude Guinn, Richard Schnorf holding the Battalion colors consisting of the coiled snake with the words "Don't Tread On Me", and Chapter President Mike Lyman.

June 16, 2001: CHAPTER MEETING. Compatriot Claude Guinn gave a presentation regarding the history and development of the US Flags. For several years he has done this and every time, it seems, we learn something new. At the Chapter meeting, Compatriot Larry Alexander was inducted into the Chapter. His beautiful wife, Beverly, was there also, to pin on his rosette. Welcome aboard, Larry, and many thanks for agreeing to take on the Registrar's duties. We know you will do a great job.
PHOTO ABOVE LEFT: Compatriot Larry Alexander receiving his certificate from Chapter President Mike Lyman. Larry has accepted the position of Registrar of the Chapter.
PHOTO AT RIGHT: Compatriot Claude Guinn giving his presentation regarding the history of the flag and making remarks about the 13 star flag.

May 19, 2001: CHAPTER MEETING. Mrs. Jane Kearns gave an interesting presentation on the formulation and selection of the US and Virginia's Seal and Coat of Arms. She described the first suggestions for the design for the US Seal and Coat of Arms that commenced in 1776. Then she described the one we have today that was approved in 1782. She went through the same procedure for the Virginia Seal and Coat of arms. Our chapter presented her with a well deserved SAR Certificate of Appreciation for her outstanding presentation.
PHOTO AT LEFT: Mrs. Jane Kearns giving her presentation on the formulation and adoption of the US and Virginia Coats of Arms and Crests. PHOTO AT RIGHT: Mrs. Kearns is given an SAR Certificate of Appreciation by CMM SAR Chapter President Mike Lyman following her presentation.

May 19, 2001: GRAVE MARKING. On May 19th at Wolftown, VA in Madison County, our Chapter conducted a grave marking ceremony for Captain Angus Rucker.
For photos and more information please see our Grave Marking page.

April 28, 2001: This is the time of year when our Chapter gives out JROTC medals and certificates to High School and Academy cadets as they get ready to graduate. The ROTC departments select the cadets that will be honored. Chairman Rick Schnorf has done a great job of arranging the presentations for this year. On April 28th at the Randolph-Macon Academy in Front Royal, Compatriot Charles Carl presented, during a parade ceremony, these medals and certificates to Cadets Mark Bolling and Brandon Thompson. On May 19th at the Orange County High School, Compatriot Claude Guinn honored a cadet there in a presentation ceremony. On May 23rd at the Culpeper High School he presented a certificate to Cadet Raymond Cauls. More are being given out at other schools.
PHOTO ABOVE: Cadet Mark Bolling wearing the SAR medal after presentation by Compatriot Charles Carl.

April 21, 2001: The Culpeper Minute Men SAR Chapter hosted a Tri-chapter meeting at Graves Mountain Lodge in Syria, VA. The other Virginia Chapters that attended were the Thomas Jefferson and the Fort Harrison Chapters. It was a long drive but a very pretty one. We received complementary remarks from the other Chapters about our hospitality.
Dick Austin, President of the Virginia Society, gave the attendees some challenging guidance on what he would like us to accomplish at the Chapter level this year. He then gave a presentation on "The Forgotten Presidents" which was very, very interesting. Each chapter president gave remarks about what their chapter was doing and planned to do this year. In all 37 compatriots and guests attended. Put this one on your schedule to attend next year, please.
PHOTO ABOVE: Some of the attendees at Graves Mountain Lodge.
PHOTO AT LEFT: At the Tri-Chapter meeting at Graves Mountain Lodge, Syria, VA on April 21st Compatriot William Sudduth, Jr. (left) receives a SAR Certificate of Apprecition from VASSAR President Dick Austin for his assistance at state level in implementing the Law Enforcement Program.
PHOTO AT RIGHT: The head table at the Graves Mountain Lodge, Tri-Chapter Meeting April 21, 2001 hosted by the Culpeper Minute Men SAR Chapter. Each Chapter President gave the highlights of their chapter activities. President Austin gave a presentation on "The Forgotten Presidents" (L/R) Mrs.Rhea Austin, wife of VASSAR President Dick Austin; Reverend Canon Henry Minich, President of the Thomas Jefferson Chapter; VASSAR President Dick Austin; Mike Lyman (speaking), President Culpeper Minute Men Chapter; Dr Christopher Sheap, President of the Fort Harrison Chapter; Mrs. Ducie Minich, wife of Canon Minich; and E. Trice Taylor, Vice President Elect VASSAR.

April 6, 2001: The Culpeper Minute Men SAR chapter laid a wreath at the monument of General Hugh Mercer in Fredericksburg as part of the Scottish Society's Tartan Day exercises. As an Indian fighter Hugh Mercer came to the notice of George Washington and they soon became close friends. He became the personal physician to the mother of George Washington before the Revolutionary War. He established his medical practice and apothecary shop (which still stands) in Fredericksburg. At the onset of the American Revolution, he was appointed General in the American forces. At the battle at Princeton, NJ he was bayoneted by the British and died, becoming the only American General to die as a result of hand-to-hand fighting.
PHOTO AT RIGHT: taken after the ceremony, in front of General Hugh Mercer's monument, shows the Culpeper Minute Men Chapter wreath which was hand made by Melba Bayne, wife of Chapter Vice President Jim Bayne dressed in Scottish attire on right. Not shown well in the photo are the words on the wreath: "Culpeper Minute Men, SAR". Chapter President Mike Lyman (left) who presented the wreath and his wife Marty of the NSDAR are also shown.
PHOTO ABOVE LEFT: Vice President Jim Bayne of the CMM SAR Chapter is shown in front of the General Hugh Mercer Apothecary Shop in Fredericksburg, VA on "Tartan Day", April 6th 2001 He is dressed in Scottish attire and is shown with the chapter wreath made by his wife Melba

March 22, 2001: The Culpeper Minute Men SAR Chapter presented an SAR Law Enforcement Medal, Bar and Certificate to Sergeant Roy J. Walker at the Police Station, Orange, VA. The presentation was made in front of his peers at a meeting held by the Chief of Police. Attending the ceremony was the Town Manager.
PHOTO AT LEFT: taken outside of the police station after the ceremony depicts (L/R) Culpeper Minute Men Chapter President, Mike Lyman, who presented the certificate and medal; Sebrina Martyn, Orange Town Manager; Sergeant Walker wearing medal and holding the certificate; Lieutenant Mark Tharp, his immediate supervisor; Compatriot Richard Sanford of the Culpeper Minute Men Chapter and Marty Lyman, wife of Mike Lyman).

March 17, 2001: At a SAR Chapter meeting held in Warrenton, Virginia on March 17th 2001, four new members were admitted to the Society. Former Chapter President Henry Pusey received a Virginia Scoiety Certificate of Appreciation, and the Culpeper Chapter added the VASSAR Chapter Excellence Ribbon to its colors. This ribbon was awarded to the Chapter at the Virginia Society meeting in February. (see our Ribbons page for photo).
PHOTO ABOVE LEFT: Chapter President, Mike Lyman (at right), presents a Virginia Society Certificate of Appreciation to former Chapter President, Henry Pusey. The award was given for his outstanding work administering Flathers/Jennings fund at the state level.
PHOTO ABOVE RIGHT: Shown with their hands raised taking the oath of admittance are (L/R) Richard Sanford, Jay White, Allan Lunsford and John Anthony.

PHOTO AT LEFT : Student Adam Jones receives from Culpeper Minute Men Chapter President, Mike Lyman (R) an SAR Oration's Certificate and a second check for $50. On left are his parents. A few minutes previous, Adam Jones had received a $300 check from VASSAR for 4th place in the state Orations Contest.
PHOTO AT RIGHT: Mrs. Pecora observes as her daughter Beth Pecorra receives a $400 check and Essay Certificate from President Mike Lyman for her winning essay. Beth's essay won second place at the Virginia Society Annual Meeting in February.
PHOTO AT RIGHT: At the March Chapter meeting Richard Sanford became a new member. Shown (L/R) is President Mike Lyman who presented the Membership Certificate to Richard Sanford and his wife, Thelma, who had just had the honor of pinning on his recognition pin.

PHOTO AT LEFT: John (Jack) Anthony receives his membership certificate from President Mike Lyman (left). His wife,Connie (right) is shown pinning on his recognition pin. Jack is dressed in colonial attire as later in the meeting he gave a presentation on the "Arms of the Revolution"

February, 2001 VASSAR Annual Conference.
PHOTO AT RIGHT: (L/R) Compatriot Jerry Hubbard receives SAR War Service Medal and Certificate from VASSAR President Reynolds. Chapter President Schnorf observes.
PHOTO AT LEFT: Culpeper Minute Men representatives at the VASSAR annual Conference are pictured at the Banquet (L/R) Mike Lyman Chapter President, Jim Bayne, Chapter Vice President and Jerry Hubbard, Chapter Membership & Publicity Chairman.

January 20, 2001: The Chapter installed new officers and heard a presentation on "The First Rebels of Virginia" by the Virginia SAR Society President, Dr. Donald F. Reynolds. Also the Chapter selected the winning orations and essay contestants from local High School students. The contestants spoke and wrote about Revolutionary period subjects.
PHOTO AT RIGHT: Student Beth Pecorra reads her winning essay to the Chapter members and guests.

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